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Agile Software Development

At Computer Castles Ltd , we believe in efficiency and we dislike wastage. That is why minimizing risks of product development by releasing updates early and often, so we can maneuver into the good direction.

Our Process

Our development processes are built around the three pillars of scrum method: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation resulting to new “increments” of your product every week.

Software Craftsmanship

Peer to peer code review and automatic testing is in our lifeblood. We know how to find best solutions and how to handle technical debt wisely. We attend software conferences to keep us abreast with new technologies.

Long-term Partnership

Our dedicated Software Development Team is your partner. Developers see your vision, understands your product and focuses on reaching your business goals.

More Productivity Guaranteed

Our Developers are agile practitioners for years and have at least two years working experience within the Development Team. Therefore, they are more productive than a regular outsourcing team.

Customer Service

One of the principles of our software development philosophy is transparency, so working with us you don’t just get the visibility of where we are, but you are also in direct contact with the whole Development Team.

Our Journey

Our Past.

18 years ago, Computer Castles Ltd was founded. Our core services were, and still are, software development. Like most Kenyan technology companies that have been around since the early 2000’s, CCL understands that technology has become a permanent feature in every business. Each business that wants to stay ahead of the digital game requires insight through data analytics and reporting, irrespective of their size, location and industry.

Our Present

Today Computer Castles ltd, is more than just a technology business. Having been in the technology space for more than 15 years, we understand that what matters most is to first understand the organization and it’s business. That is why our approach starts with the people. Once we understand you and your people we can then start to align smart technologies that will transform your business and help you stay ahead of the digital game.

Our Future.

Computer Castles of tomorrow will continue to focus on people, processes as well as technology. We understand that our core pillars of software development will continue to evolve. Software development now includes custom software development, enterprise mobile applications, online collaboration platforms, and digital learning solutions.

Tomorrow, your journey will be our journey, and our passion will continue to be technology and the positive impact it can have on people and organizations.

Why Choose Us

 At CCL,  we have professionals with expertise in various fields that will team up with your organization and ensure its success through our state-of-the-art software. Our work approach and methodologies are derived from ideal practices in the industry as we continue to strive to give you with the best systems.

  • Expertise

    CCL is focused on delivering high quality systems that meets all the needs and requirements of its customers.  We have a well experienced development team that ensures nothing but quality systems.

    Our team comprises of qualified developers and technical support team who are abreast with the ever changing technology.  The teams; Coders, Testers, Implementation team and Support Desk work as a team to ensure quality work and deliverables are met as per client expectations.

How we do it!

Product Strategy

This is where the actual project begins. Your ideas starts taking shape into a product by wrestling business challenges, researching new opportunities and exploiting foolproof techniques.

Product Strategy

We take creative juices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An app is defined first by its visual experience. Wireframing and app architecture are thoroughly checked and revised for perfection.

System Development

We don’t believe in ‘cowboy’ coding. Our developers have the lean and agile development down to completion. Continuous integration with the design and regular adjustments help us create your perfect app.

System Development
User Acquisition and Testing.

We will not end the project after the system has been made. Implementing growth testing techniques to find the most cost and time effective marketing techniques for your core user, we will magnetize attention.

User Acquisition and Testing.
Full Implementation

The new system can be phased in, according to application or location, and the old system gradually replaced. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to shut down the old system and implement the new system all at once.

Full Implementation
Support and Maintenance.

Once the new system is up and running for a while, it should be exhaustively evaluated. Maintenance must be kept up rigorously at all times. Users of the system should be kept up-to-date concerning the latest modifications and procedures.

Support and Maintenance.