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    Since 2000, Computer Castles has been powering Sacco institutions by giving solutions that improve both management efficiency and client service. With more than 10 years in providing computer software, supplying hardware and consultancy to cooperative societies in Kenya as well as software crafting, we ensure an efficient, intuitive and highly secured systems to cooperative societies and other institutions of the same infrastructure.

    We have since created a core system Castles Enterprise Management Accounting System (CEMAS) that can be customized to suit any organization in need of automating its operations.  We have an accounting system, a PSV collection system and two other systems in the pipeline towards completion. CEMAS is designed with the following goals;

    • it is user friendly and appealing
    • it is easy to use- anyone will understand it
    • it is self-recovering with less errors – managers and auditors will rely on it
    • it is consistent – specialists will approve it

  • Castles Enterprise Management Accounting System (CEMAS)

    CEMAS is a web-based software, built in-house and tailor made to suite multi-branched cooperative organizations as well as small scale micro-financial institutions. It is a full scale ERP system specifically tailored with the following core functions:

    Core banking services –This facilitates member savings, share deposits, subsequent withdrawals and transfers and loaning services.

    Microfinance – Group banking and loan facilities are also encapsulated in the system. In addition individual members within groups can apply for loans guaranteed by their respective groups.

    Payroll system – Fully functional payroll system for the SACCO’s staff.

    External Payments – Other organizations can pay out money to intended receivers through the SACCO for example salaries, bonuses, mini-bonuses, dividends etc.

    Web-Portal – Facilitates online banking for interested members

    Mobile banking -Facilitates the use of mobile phones to carry out basic banking activities.

    M-pesa Integration – For all monetary transactions in the system

    Report Generation – the system is able to generate all accounting reports; trial balances, sales reports, income reports, SASRA reports amongst others.

  • PSV Collection System

    With the increasing need to automate operations in various sectors, we have come up with a system to enable PSV operators ease their day to day collection process.  The PSV Collection system is tailored to allow operators take their collections and record them on a POS device located at the bus terminal then the data is synchronized to the main system.  This system allows you to see the same information put into the POS device relayed to the headquarters.

    With the POS gadget, you are able to;

    • Access all payments
    • Issue receipts from the POS gadget
    • View past payments and activities
    • View a daily summary per stag
    • Register all vehicles
    • Synchronize data between the server and the device
    • Can be used either Online or Offline

    The Accounting features of the PSV system include;

    • Accounting module
    • Loaning modules
    • Non-salient features
    • Account statements
    • Reports
  • Additional Modules

    CEMAS being our core system, we have additional modules that are integrated into our system to allow technological cohesiveness.  These systems are available on request;

    Bulk SMS– The system allows the SACCO to disseminate bulk SMS messages to the members at affordable rates through its bulk messaging platform. These messages may include well wishes, AGM announcements, marketing new product, bonus payout, salary payments etc.

    Mobile Banking – We offer Mobile banking fully integrated with CEMAS Application Software. Mobile Banking solution will enable your members to transact business with the Sacco in the comfort of their homes and elsewhere using their mobile phones at a rate determined by the Sacco. Mobile Banking is also a viable business opportunity for any organization, a tool we encourage our clients to adapt.

    Agency Banking –allows the organization to offer financial services through a third party with the help of mobile app.  Customers will not need to go to the bank with agents around.

    Mpesa Integration – We have created an API into our system to enable financial institutions integrate with Mpesa transactions. This will enable customers to deposit money via Mpesa directly to their accounts using a registered Mpesa mobile number.  This gives provision to both B2C and C2B services.

    Online Banking – CEMAS is able to be integrated with a company’s website where it allows customer through a web-portal to access their bank accounts from any internet connected device within the country and outside the country.

    Cheque Truncation System – We have been able to develop a web interface cheque clearing system that is used to clear and pay cheques from Saccos to the bank.  With personalized Sacco cheque books for clients, this virtual process eliminates the physical movement of cheques from Sacco to bank reduces the cheque processing time for the client.

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Supply of Computer Hardware 

We are providers of computer hardware and accessories complete with warranties from accredited companies.  We ensure customers get the best machines suited to carry out their operations.  Our after sales services and maintenance is on top notch as purchase does not only end on delivery. We are able to supply: servers, desktop computers, laptops, batteries and UPS, printers, antivirus and any IT related accessories.

Maintenance Services

Our after sales services do not end on delivery.  We offer our clients maintenance services for their hardware o quarterly basis, half year or annually depending on the agreement with the client.  Good hardware maintenance will not only give you a clean machine but will also help you detect problems in good time, help prevent your machines from viruses and malware and most important speed up your computer for efficient output.

Consultancy & IT Advisory

We strongly believe that each company should have a well planned strategy to follow in implementing computer based solutions  Computer Castles Ltd offers consulting and advisory services for any organizations that need to computerize their operations.  We look into your needs, based on findings we recommend what works well for you as we consider financial considerations.

We analyze hardware and software requirements, existing machinery models, size of storage, memory and hard disk space required.  We also look at the training needs of the staff as well as give cost advice and option consideration. Whichever support you need, rest assured, we will give the very best advice

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